GW2PVO - In live display "Energy Generated" starts at certain level and not 0


In live view I see a problem in one of my systems ever since 19/04/2019.
The plot of Energy Generated starts the day with a certain value.
Plot gives a stable horizontal line until the production of the solar system reaches the moment that production is greater the the starting value. From there plot is OK.

System inverter is Goodwe and I’m using the script “GW2PVO” from github.
System ID: 64792

See example:



It seems the energy value sent is incorrect.

The script can be updated to send v1=-1 and PVOutput will calculate the energy from power v2.


Thanks for your reply.
Can you tell me please where to apply this change?

There is an post on the github page of this script with the same issue.
Conclusion so far is that GoodWe changed things …
Per that date.



You will need to contact the developer of the script on github.


Problem analized, found, fixed and published to the gw2pvo repository. See issue #16