Growatt 3600MTL-s data integration with PVOut6put


I have just had to change my inverter from a PowerOne Aurora and want to continue to use PVOutput. I have a ShineLAN dogle which in theory will send data to the Growatt cloud via my router. I am an old man and know very little about codes and Python, etc. Can anyone help me with a way of getting the data from the cloud to my computer or direct to PVoutput?
I also have a Prolinc RS232/USB adapter with PL2303 chip if it might be better to bypass the Growaatt cloud altogether!


I have a Growatt 1500-S and I’m using jrbenito’s script to upload to PVOutput. This may work for you as well, as long as the interface to the 3600MTL-S is the same.

How comfortable are you setting up a Raspberry Pi? If you are ok doing this then check out this thread Help Required Uploading Growatt Inverter To PVOutput, my post from the 8 August outlines the steps needed to get the script up and running.

If you want to have a go then there are people on this forum who would be happy to help :slight_smile:



Thanks Bob,
I am connecting to a desktop computer, not to a Raspberry. I’m hoping for something simple that I can understand!!! Probably too much to hope for, if my experience so far with Growatt is anything to go on!
Keith G


The Pi would connect to your inverter using the RS232/USB adapter, it would replace the ShineLAN dogle. It would then upload data directly to PVOutput instead of to the Growatt cloud. It would require setting up but there are plenty of tutorials on the web to help you do this.

If you want to retain your ShineLAN dongle you’ll need to use the Growatt cloud and Shine Server ( . I’m not aware of any method of getting the data from the Growatt cloud into PVOutput.



Hi Guys,

This inverter might work as well.

The code works for Raspberry Pi as well as on Desktop computer thanks to python portability. The only concern: I never tested it on a Windows computer however I think it is just a matter of change /dev/ttyUSB0 (serial address on linux) to “COMx” (x being a number like COM1, COM23, etc). Need to try.


Thanks again Bob,
When my replacement replacement inverter arrives (yes, the first replacement had a dead RS232 interface and I messed around for weeks trying to connect before I discovered this!), I will go the RS232/USB way.
Keith G


:+1: come back here if you need any help.



Hi Bob,
Should it just be a question of editing the pvoutput.ini file to replace “aurora” with "growatt, and providing a “/growatt/logs” folder to save the data? Still haven’t received the replacement inverter, but I will keep in touch.
Keith G


Sorry I don’t know anything about the Aurora setup but in outline this is what you would need to do:

  1. Decide if you want to us a PC or Raspberry Pi. Either would need to be left running 24x7 so a Pi would consume much less energy.

  2. Plug the Pi or PC in to the inverter using the RS232 to USB lead.

The next instructions are for a Pi. As jrbenito says, it should work on a PC but the setup would be different and I have no experience of this:

  1. Assuming that the Pi is up and running, follow my instructions from 8 August in this thread Help Required Uploading Growatt Inverter To PVOutput

That’s pretty much all there is to it. You should then see your data being uploaded to PVOutput.

Hope this makes sense - Bob.