GROWATT 3600MTL-S and PVOutput

Hi I had an Aurora 3.6 inverter that up and till a few weeks was working but completely died. I had this pushing data though the RS485 port to a PI and then to PVOutput.
After Auroa died I now have a GROWATT 3600MTL-S Dual MPPT 3.6kW Solar Inverter which using the shine LAN box which uses a RF dongle connected to the RS232 port on the inverter. Though with this is it does not boot up in the morning. Please note I am still trying to find a solution to this. So was hoping to use the RS485 port on the Growatt to push data to the PI and then again to PVOutput. I am also not sure if this will work while I have the RF dongle connected to the RS232 port. I have read though the threads here and I maybe missing something but I am sure the all deal with RS232 port. So will they work with the RS485 port using a USB to RS485 unit.

I have sorted the first problem with dongle and LAN box with a firmware update.

I did find this one but it for the RS232 port. I am wondering if it can modded. So I need figure the program and running it on the RPI. Any help or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Have you seen this thread Help Required Uploading Growatt Inverter To PVOutput?

I’ve been using this successfully for two years although I don’t think the code is still supported.


Bob thanks for the link. I will need to have a good read of that.