Green Button CSV Data (30 minute interval) kWh to status batch

I am trying to take data downloaded from ComEd in CSV format and upload to pvoutput (net metering) so I can see consumption along with my SolarEdge system. The data formatted like below. Do I need to do 5 minute intervals if my solar system is 5 minutes or can I upload 30 minute intervals for net metering?

If I have to do 5 minute intervals, would the formula be kWh *2 for the watts I was using that 30 minutes and use the same number for each of the readings between changes? I trued using kWh *2 with the 30 minute interval readings, but it appeared to be way off in kWh used for the day.


Electric usage,2020-07-30,00:00,00:29,1.02,kWh,$0.11,
Electric usage,2020-07-30,00:30,00:59,0.80,kWh,$0.09,
Electric usage,2020-07-30,01:00,01:29,0.84,kWh,$0.09,
Electric usage,2020-07-30,01:30,01:59,0.62,kWh,$0.07,
Electric usage,2020-07-30,02:00,02:29,0.85,kWh,$0.09,
Electric usage,2020-07-30,02:30,02:59,0.80,kWh,$0.09,
Electric usage,2020-07-30,03:00,03:29,0.86,kWh,$0.09,
Electric usage,2020-07-30,03:30,03:59,0.80,kWh,$0.09,
Electric usage,2020-07-30,04:00,04:29,0.80,kWh,$0.09,
Electric usage,2020-07-30,04:30,04:59,0.92,kWh,$0.10,

The generation and net consumption intervals need to match for the gross consumption calculation to work properly.

The data shows energy consumed at each 30 minute block, assuming positive is import and negative export.

  • 1020Wh every 30 minutes = 170Wh every 5 minutes
  • 170Wh = 170 / (5*60) = 2040W power average every 5 minutes

Generally this won’t work very well as net averages over the 30 minutes will not align with 5-minute generation and will result in a calculated consumption of 0W for some data points.

Thanks. I am thinking about getting a Rainforest Eagle to get this for me, but was trying to figure out how to do it in the interim as well as getting data before I have that in place.

I will give this a shot and see how close it is.

Also, I think that last forula, you mean (170/5)*60.