Graph squashed

When I open pvoutput on my phone the graph is squashed.
To fix this I have to turn to landscape, refresh where it then goes to full screen then I can turn the phone back to portrait and it is back to how is meant to be.

It’s been happening for about 4 months give or take. I just hadn’t got around to reporting the issue. I’ve never had this issue before.

There hasn’t been any updates to the graphing that would change how things are displayed on mobile.

I have also noticed it seems to happen only on the live day where it’s not actually a full day yet.
If I scroll to a previous day it displays the graph fine and go back is still squashed.
This is the squashed view, then landscape, refresh and re-portrait view

Does it only happen on the Extended Data graph?

no, all graphs when first loaded just happened to be on extended data at the time.

Could be related to the auto-refresh if the initial load looks okay.

However there hasn’t been any changes to auto refresh behavior for a while (>1 year)

There have been instances of os updates on mobiles that would break the graphs.

initial load isnt ok.
if i refresh it and it loads ok it is then fine.
Its the first load when i have the problem.

I feel like I have identified the issue.
If the graph is set to “fit width” so it uses my whole computer screen rather than standard.
Then on the phone it is squashed.
If I go to standard is fine
And if I go wide it’s massively wise on the phone.