Google Home Assistant AI App

I am currently developing an AI app using google’s that sends requests to PVouptut’s API via this webhook.

It will be compatible with Google Home, Google Assistant and perhaps some chat bots on other systems, if Google approves it that is.!

Contributions are welcome and I do not intend to roll it out publically without the PV output team’s approval.

I would look forward to seeing that :slight_smile:

So it is now developed and in Beta, I have two main issues at the moment.

  1. I need to send it for approval by google, and will not do that until I get an OK from the PV output team
  2. The user must give their SID and read only API key each time they visit, this is a bore and is also an issue if their api key is something that is difficult to give by voice. I think in order to make this more streamlined there would need to be some integration between the google account people use and their PV output account?

Re. point 2, I don’t think it would be usable if you have to enter your PVOutput credentials every time you use the service. I assume that you can’t cash these locally on the device?

As an aside I’m still waiting for Google Assistant to appear on my Nexus 6P :frowning:

Did this ever release? If so how can I get it?