GoodweLogger does not upload to PVOutput


I have an issue with the GoodWeLogger software which is apparently running, but is not uploading data to PVOutput. The device has an internet connection.

Through Telnet i get the following data from the device:

Can anyone please help out?

Does that logger support PVOutput upload? The logs does not show any upload activity to PVOutput.

Yes, the Github page of the logger software specifically mentions that they support PVOutput.
Im trying to contact the software writer, most likely this is software related on my end.
Thanks for the reply.

Have you had a look at GW2PVO?
It reads data from SEMS portal and it’s quite easy to get going.
Originally had it running as a service on a raspberry Pi, but works fine on AWS free tier, or even a lambda function if you wanted to put some time into it.

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I use GW2PVO, I have it running on my local SAN - works like a treat.