Goodwe to pvoutput


Hi ,
I have a goodwe inverter id like to input the data. Can anyone guide me where to start . I have read a few post that people use python and shell but i cam a complete noob when it comes to coding so any help would be great.



There are some GoodWe scripts in the Contributed Software section in Help Hopefully one of them proves useful.


The following script reads the data from the Goodwe portal and does the upload.

If you can get it running on your PC it should be able to run on an always on raspberry pi with wifi


I upload my data using a simple script that reads a JSON string.
The URL you have to use is

xxx is of course your username

Today ( aug 27 2018 ) goodwe opened a new website and replaced the android APP.
So i dont have a clue yet what the new URL will be to get my JSON data :frowning:

Update: there is some activity on the sems site :
All chinese, no idea how it works yet.


I’ve just jumped on the solar bandwagon with a Goodwe inverter so was coming to ask the same question. SEMS seems to be up and running now so I was wondering if anyone has a confirmed way of making this all work before I just dive in and see what happens :slight_smile:


It looks like the SEMS portal has been changing (almost daily) with the data that it spits out. From what I can see today it’s moved to reporting data every minute (instead of every 5), but it doesn’t seem to include the amount of power generated other than a running total (which isn’t particularly useful). It also seems to have stopped recording data a few days ago in it’s dashboard, while I can see some stuff on their portal, it doesn’t come down when you extract the data. Maybe there is some way to translate/calculate based on this data?

My brain kicked it a little and V * A = Watts can be used to calculate the power generated from their output. Divide that by 60,000 to get kWh and it’s all good :slight_smile:

Is there anyway to either monitor the inverter directly or other way to extract the data or am I stuck using their portal?

For reference, here is a sample of what it’s providing today:

Time WorkMode Vpv1(V) Vpv2(V) Ipv1(A) Ipv2(A) Vac1(V) Iac1(A) Fac1(Hz) Pac(W) Temperature(℃) Daily Generation(kWh) Total Generation(kWh) HTotal(Hrs) RSSI(%)
09/24/2018 15:58:03 Normal 365.1 359.2 5.8 6 246.4 17 50.08 4294905900 35.3 6.6 6.6 1 40
09/24/2018 15:59:03 Normal 357.7 358 5.9 6 245.5 16.8 50 4294905870 35.6 6.6 6.6 1 40
09/24/2018 16:00:03 Normal 361.2 354.3 5.8 6 246.1 16.6 49.99 4294905829 35.7 6.7 6.7 1 40
09/24/2018 16:01:03 Normal 368.6 374.2 3.9 3.6 245.2 11.3 49.95 4294904437 35.5 6.7 6.7 1 40
09/24/2018 16:02:04 Normal 358.4 361.3 5.9 6 246.7 17 49.95 4294905909 35.5 6.8 6.8 1 40
09/24/2018 16:03:04 Normal 359.7 359 5.9 6 246.9 16.8 50.02 4294905907 35.8 6.9 6.9 1 40


Hi. I have a Goodwe DT 3 phase I’d also be very keen to hear if anyone is managing to upload data to PVoutput?