GoodWe to PVOutput using a PC?


Recently I got a new inverter; a GoodWe GW3600T-DS with 10x400Wp panels.

Is there a convenient way to upload live data from this system to PVOutput using a PC?

The PC is not 24/7 on.

I already upload data from my other inverters; SBFspot for the SMA and youless hardware for the old Soladin 600.

I use an account with donation for the upload.

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Data from SEMS:
Data from the inverter:
If using home assistant:

1 Data from SEMS: [ ]

I doubt if this still works. code is 3 years old and SEMS portal is changing. If it works it can solve the issue that I also want to upload historic data too. Other options can’t do that.

2 Data from the inverter:

Nice. But needs PC 24/7.

3 If using home assistant:

Installed home assistant on my PC. Works for GoodWe; detailed data, both strings for instance. Needs PC 24/7.

Option 4; Manual upload using excel sheet

=> works, but cumbersome. Can only download 1 day at once.

Has anyone done some automation for this?

Think I go for a raspberry pi and option 3. And use 4 for the historical data.

raspberry pi consumes 36W…

Excel script for manual upload;

Sub GoodWeupload()

’ GoodWeupload Macro

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=+MID(RC[-2],11,6)"
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=72
Application.CutCopyMode = False

End Sub

  1. download sheet power from
  2. runs script in sheet
  3. copy / paste to Load Live Outputs window.

Only; there seems to be an error in the
e.g. yesterday the power in the sheet (and PVoutput) adds up to 13,1 kWh. Actual production is 10,3 kWh.

the gw2pvo script still works. I’ve used it today. However it only exports production data but not consumption data. For historical data pvoutput only accepts import within 14 days or if you are a donator then 90 days.

Thanks. Installed it and it indeed works fine. Made a bat file to upload it once a day or live when the PC is on:

set YEAR=%DATE:~9,4%
set MONTH=%DATE:~6,2%
set DAY=%DATE:~3,2%

cd C:[…]\GoodWe
gw2pvo --config gw2pvo.cfg --date %DATESTR% --skip-offline --pv-voltage