GoodWe to PVOutput using a PC?


Recently I got a new inverter; a GoodWe GW3600T-DS with 10x400Wp panels.

Is there a convenient way to upload live data from this system to PVOutput using a PC?

The PC is not 24/7 on.

I already upload data from my other inverters; SBFspot for the SMA and youless hardware for the old Soladin 600.

I use an account with donation for the upload.

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Data from SEMS:
Data from the inverter:
If using home assistant:

1 Data from SEMS: [ ]

I doubt if this still works. code is 3 years old and SEMS portal is changing. If it works it can solve the issue that I also want to upload historic data too. Other options can’t do that.

2 Data from the inverter:

Nice. But needs PC 24/7.

3 If using home assistant:

Installed home assistant on my PC. Works for GoodWe; detailed data, both strings for instance. Needs PC 24/7.

Option 4; Manual upload using excel sheet

=> works, but cumbersome. Can only download 1 day at once.

Has anyone done some automation for this?

Think I go for a raspberry pi and option 3. And use 4 for the historical data.

raspberry pi consumes 36W…

Excel script for manual upload;

Sub GoodWeupload()

’ GoodWeupload Macro

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=+MID(RC[-2],11,6)"
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=72
Application.CutCopyMode = False

End Sub

  1. download sheet power from
  2. runs script in sheet
  3. copy / paste to Load Live Outputs window.

Only; there seems to be an error in the
e.g. yesterday the power in the sheet (and PVoutput) adds up to 13,1 kWh. Actual production is 10,3 kWh.