Goodwe sems api to pvo api

Hi all !

Long story short, i am trying to create a script that can upload the sems data to PVO.
I just need a little help with the json output from the sems api to the pvo api
Currently i have a array dump of the -data-inveter-0-

The v1, … v12, c1, n, m

Can some one please reply with the PVO code and the array value needed

V1 = [‘key’][‘key’]…

Thx in advance!!!

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I think i have the following:

eday’ => 16.6, V1
out_pac’ => 49.53, V2
iday’ => 3.675, V3
‘outputpower’ => 2171.0,V4
vac1’ => 229.5, V6

Not too sure

To upload a make a HTTP request to the PVOutput ‘Add Status’ API.


Documentation -

After decoding the json string into $response, i use the following values:
$timestamp = new DateTime($response[‘data’][‘inverter’][0][‘invert_full’][‘last_refresh_time’]);|

$postVars = [
‘d’ => $timestamp->format(“Ymd”),
‘t’ => $timestamp->format(“H:i”),
‘v1’ => $response[‘data’][‘inverter’][0][‘eday’] * 1000,
‘v2’ => $response[‘data’][‘inverter’][0][‘out_pac’],
‘c1’ => 0,
‘v5’ => $response[‘data’][‘inverter’][0][‘tempperature’],
‘v6’ => $response[‘data’][‘inverter’][0][‘d’][‘vac1’]
I also check for error messages in: $response[‘data’][‘inverter’][0][‘fault_message’] and $response[‘data’][‘inverter’][‘invert_full’][‘fault_message’]

Hi ,Thx !!!

That is just what i need, however the temperature is from the inverter, i think PVO expects real weather data

I like to log the inverter temperatures.
Don’t think that it matters to PVO

Hi , I was using for the Goodwe of my neighbour this for a while but it stopped working a month a go:

The following i’ve build for my own and is connected to home assistant .It works like a charm:

Let me know if your script is working , than i’ll use it to publish the data of my neighbour to pvoutput again.

I use to copy data from the goodwe/sems portal into pvoutput without too many issues. I fixed a couple of bugs, nothing too serious. (but the code bugs me, it’s not python coding standards compliant, etc).

FWIW I make a set of “data colllectors” to pull from

But I need something to monitor actual consumption. The goodwe is a bit rubbish without adding on their Homekit, or a third-party monitor. Looking at openenergymonitor vs iotawatt right now