Goodwe 10k inverter

Hoping someone can help me. My pvoutput always displays Power Generated the same as Power used, and Energy Generated the same as Energy used, and Power the same as Power used. I was hoping to see generated the split between total generate versus locally consumed and exported. I have 5kw export limit. Inverter is Goodwe GW10K-MS.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

You are not sending consumption to PVOutput. They have no way of determining you consumption from just the production data. There are several devices which can measure your consumption on you Net power or energy. NET = Production - Consumption. I use a Neurio Power meter which measures the amount of power produced by your PV system and I use a Raspberry PI to send the data to PVOutput. Your graph shows that data only flows to PVOutput when your system is actively producing power. You have no input for Consumption.

Where are your inputs being taken from?
You need to separate the solar in and the consumption feeds so you get to see both.
I use a Flukso with my pulse inputs from 2 din rail pulse meters. You can also use 2 current clamps on same cables from each feed.

Looks like the generation is being uploaded as consumption.

An energy monitor would be required to measure and upload consumption, the inverter only measures. generation.

Thanks everyone, I had a look inside+behind my meter box, and the “growatt smart meter” that my solar supplier charged me for, hasn’t been installed. They wired the current clamp directly to the Goodwe inverter without the SPM, I have been in contact with my Solar supplier and they are “asking the installer”…

The solar company said, “you don’t need a smart meter” I suggested they should not have charged me for one. I then and asked them, “what date will you be back to install it”… They came back, installed the smart meters, and all is good. Thanks, everyone.