Givenergy Battery and Inverter Autouploader

I have recently installed a Givenergy Inverter and battery to my solar system. This collects a lot of generation, consumption, export and storage data and is available to access by API. I wondered if anyone had experience of uploading Givenergy Data to PVOutput?

Hi John,

I’m on the waiting list for a Givenergy battery system at present (there’s an order backlog in the UK) and plan to implement this in Python on a Raspberry Pi. Happy to share details with you once it’s up and running if you’re still interested.



Now up and running with latest GivEnergy API and 5-minute upload to PVOutput. A few niggles over the weekend with misreported energy stats, but generally works OK.

Hi - just joined PVoutput. I have a GivEnergy battery & associated inverter. I’d be interested in how you got upload to this site configured.

Thought it was worth mentioning that I’ve just had a GivEnergy system installed, and I’ve got the PVOutput upload working via an integration that I’ve written for Home Assistant. Possibly not the way to go unless you’ve already got HA doing other things, but that said it’s not much more effort to install if we’re already talking about Raspberry Pis, etc.