Getting historical data from my solar edge inverter into PVoutput

Hi all,
I am very new to solar amd even newer to pvoutput.
I just got the API working between my solar edge inverter and pvoutput. Is there a way to get my historical data (only about 10 days) in to pvoutput? Only today and yesterday’s data gas populated so far.
Thank you

Hi. There is.

For each day you want to upload -

In the SolarEdge monitoring portal:

1 select the Analysis tab
2 click on Inverter 1
3 select AC Current
4 select the date/day you want
5 click on the Export as CSV icon (to the right of the graph) and save the file

In PVOutput:
6 Click the Add Output link
7 Click Live Loader (at the bottom of the page)
8 select the date and copy and paste the data from the file into the box at the bottom of the page
9 Click Validate

I’d also recommend becoming a donator so you can upload 5 minute interval data (and replace the 15 minute data already uploaded).


Thank you.
Your reply sent me on a quest for better data (my installer only gave me a stripped-down dashboard view).
I found this API call:< site >/< serial number >/data?startTime=2021-03-27%2011:00:00&endTime=2021-03-31%2013:00:00&api_key=< API key >

Ask your installer for access to the Analysis tab if they haven’t provided it. I had to do the same.

That’s super helpful, thanks! After several days of data missing due to a comms outage, I exported AC Power from the SolarEdge monitoring portal as described and ensured that the date and time values were delimited but was unable to use the Load Daily Output to import the CSV. I was able to use Load Live Outputs for each day (copy-paste from my CSV) and Energy Values set to Each Interval with Time in format HH24:mm in position 2 and Power Generation in units W in position 3, and the charts reflected the data within seconds. Thanks again!