Getting gross generation data from SolarEdge with Solaredge DC linked battery

One of the Sites in a group I am setting up for family members has a Solaredge DC linked battery coupled with their inverter.
It seems like the generation data arriving at PVOuput and appearing on the database / graphs is not including the PV generation that is going direct into the batteries.
Does anyone have this setup, and if so if there anything special to be done in the PVO upload parameters?

In fact it seems that PVOutput is tracking the inverter AC output which is either pure DC linked battery discharge or from the PV generation. I looked at the SolarEdge API spec manual which I think gives information on how to get other linked battery related data so I wonder if anyone has found a way to make use of this in PVO tracking? Page 26 etc of

Hi, I’m in the same situation.

Hope someone can help us.

I think we need @bankstownbloke ’s help with this as it looks like something not already being done by any users.

PVOutput uses the “Total Active Power” value of the “Inverter Technical Data” API on page 38.

Is this not correct for a site with a battery setup?

Thanks very much for taking a look at this. I think that “Total Active Power” is referring to the AC output of the inverter regardless of whether it is coming from the PV array or from the DC-coupled battery. If you look at RIversideSolaredge 4.620kW the output continues into the night until the battery charge runs out.
At the moment, the battery is only being charged from “spare “ PV not immediately consumed in the house. However, in the future once the TOU metering sorted out it may at times also be charged from the grid too.
Ideally we are after the real-time PV generation through the daylight hours. I can also envisage wanting to see the battery SoC and maybe some other data, but the actual PV as generated is the prime goal.
Would it be useful for you to have the API key details if you are willing to look at this?

@bankstownbloke do you think there might be anything that be done to just retrieve the PV real-time generation from this inverter?

We would need to know what calculation is required to get the required data. We only have what is available from the SolarEdge API.

I am using Grafana + InfluxDB to graph my solar panel data locally, and I ran into this same issue. I could not find a value returned by SolarEdge that showed simply PV generation, so what I had to do is add the PV Inverter power (Inverter power_ac) to the Battery instantaneous power (Battery1 instantaneous_power).
To obtain this information, I am accessing the SolarEdge locally through the modbus protocol, using this python script: