Getting error 401 from eagle200

i’m a donator and my status is active. i just got a notification that my system was idle - the sun is down and so this means that there is no consumption data being uploaded. i went into my eagle config and for some reason the cloud uploader was completely missing.

when i set it all up again with my sid (42057) and my api key, i’m seeing error 401 in the eagle control panel.

is there some problem with PVO right now? or some problem with my account?


edit: strangely it looks like my consumption uploads caught up but the eagle is still showing error 401. are there any logs on your end that can shed some light on this?

If this is the Eagle Push interface then a 401 error from PVOutput means either the System Id or API Key is missing and/or incorrect.

Check that the Eagle device is still configured with the sid/key values that match the PVOutput API settings on the account page.

the configuration was missing from the eagle when i looked the first time but even after i set it up again i still got the error. but somehow it is uploading ok now. the eagle is a little janky of course.

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Great, thanks for the update.