Getting accurate import export data


Hi I am currently successfully uploading my data at 5 minute intervals,
The issue I am having is I am averaging my CT data on the incomer and my generation CT then doing some math to determine the generation and consumption.
On a whole it works reasonably well but when I compare the import/export values to my electricity meter I get a different story.I have found the reason for this is related to the averaging as during a 5 minute period the sun may drop off for say a minute or two and I start to consume power from the grid but as the data is averaged this consumption is not recognized.To combat this I feel it is necessary to upload the the import export values independently. Presently I write v1,v2,v3 &v4 in a single write every 5 minutes, do i need to do an addition write after this to write the import and export values to v2 & v4 with the additional parameter n=1 t to load the import export values?

I’ve tried reading the documents but it is unclear !!!
Do I send the import /export in watts per 5 minutes or a cumulative kWh of export and import.The doc states v2 and v4 are in watts but I would think Kwh is more correct???

Really confused on how to do this and don’t want to break what I already have either!!!
Any gurus feel free to jump in


PVOutput does not store import/export, it is only used in combination with a previously generation to calculate gross consumption.

The net n=1 option has been provided to allow power export on v2 and power import on v4.

See the Net Data section in -


Thanks for the feedback I am trying to get the $ to line up with billing company the problem is the export and import values calculated off the consumption and generation data that is uploaded every 5 mins are not accurate because it doesn’t cater for the moments when i start taking off the grid whilst generating.
Basically over a 5 minute period although I will generate more than i consume overall there are moments during that 5 minute period where I will take from the grid. Pvoutput has no way of knowing this and will assume that no power has been taken from the grid for that period and therefore the import/export revenue wont be correct.Hope that makes more sense.


5-minutes is the lowest interval supported and the system can either be importing / debiting the balance or exporting / crediting the balance.

It is not possible to be both importing and exporting over the 5-minute period.


i thought that may be the case.
thanks for the help much appreciated