Get the embed javascript to facebook?


Hi guys, have seen that is possible to get your output as a embed javascrip frame on your homepage - anyone who has a solution for adding that to their facebook page?


Unlikely. The current embed widget is highly dependent on jquery and a community plugin sparklines which are exported by the widget, and must be run as inline script.

Any site you dont own like Facebook will block this type of exposure since it is easily exploited.

I’m exploring ways to use the portlet to generate a generic image that could be embedded anywhere images can be displayed, but nothing that exists today as far as I know.


It’s not the pretty chart, but a simple badge that will go anywhere - A gift: Energy Badges

Depending on projects this weekend I might try to find a decent server-side graphing equivalent to sparklines.

As long as we can render an actual image on the server side, facebook or any other decent site will show it.


I found a decent charting library, still playing with formatting and data to visual.

my past month


Looking bloody awesome, great work!