Get lifitime status instead of daily status?

Dear forum.
I upload solar panel information to PVoutput according to the Add Status Api spec. Parameter c1 is set: The actual data is lifetime data and PVoutput recalculates that to daily numbers. Exactly as I want it I might add.

Now here’s the thing: I also collect data from my energy meter and some other energy-consuming aparatus (Heater shower/kitchen e.g.) and process that data to monitor relative consumption in my home network. The processor I use (ESP8266), however, might reset now and then and I need the initial lifetime values at 0.00h to process data correctly for that day. After a crash this data is lost unless I stored that. That is an option, but I’d rather collect that from PVoutput since that is the safest option for now. However, when I do a get status request I only get the relative numbers back, the daily number. So the number at 0.00h would be 0.

Is it possible to retrieve the lifetime number I uploaded at 0.00h from PVoutput?


Hi @beach. An easier option may be to upload lifetime generation data but daily consumption data.

You can do this by altering the value of c1.