Generation total stuck showing just the first few days

Hi, I’m new to PVO and have uploaded the past 16 months of daily data from my PV system using cURL.

My Statistics page looks correct with the right number of Generation (7.07MWh) and Days Recorded (470).

The Ranking line on all my pages, however, reports I’ve only generated 354kWh. This also shows on the Ladder pages, where it also reports I’ve only submitted 13 days of data.

Is there some lag between when data appears in the various areas, or have I done something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Try running a “Recalculate” on the ladder data to do a complete sync of the uploaded data, this sometimes may be required when adding or remove lots of daily outputs.

The ladder and statistics should be refreshed within 24hrs.

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Hi @bankstownbloke, thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion and hit the Recalculate button (a few times I admit) but as of yet doesn’t seem to have made any difference.

Is there anything else I can try, or is it likely to eventually come right of its own accord?


Update: It came right tonight. Thanks!