Generated energy: set starting value

Hi all.
I’m starting today to send my power data to pvoutput but my plant is working since 2012.
You i can manuali add to PvOutput all my KWH produced ? Actually I’m sending only real-time power.


At the bottom of this page
there are two links:

Both limit the number of lines you can import. Also the 5 min live loader is limited to 14 days unless you are a donator and then it is 90 days.

Also, if you have the real data to upload you can do that or you can prob just take your average from pvoutput and import that for each day since 2012.

I recently uploaded a few years of missing data and simply tried to add one line with 35 MWh or so and the software is smart enough to know that is too much for one day and rejected my import. So I just downloaded the daily data from Enphase and converted it into the required format and imported it 200 lines at a time. I believe you have to wait 5 minutes between each import as well.