GE Inverter? GE5.0-1-10 5kw ? pvoutput?

Hi guys i have another new system but this time with the GE5.0-1-10 5kw inverter.

The installer has put a SEMS Portal on my phone to view generation etc, and the unit itself has a bluetooth and Wifi connection as well. Has anyone heard of these? or know how to connect them to pvoutput? I searched but can find nothing about them on the forums or with systems online ?


Hi Steve,

SEMS portal is for use with GoodWe inverters. They communicate using Wi-Fi or ethernet (at least the models from the last 5 years), not with Bluetooth.
Also the model number you mention isn’t in the GoodWe-format, than it should be GW5000D-NS.

It looks like your inverter is from another brand, General Electric.
According to this website it looks like General Electric has some sort of partnership with GoodWe, but I don’t know if they use the same hardware and software.