FTP uploads stopped working at 3PM with 551 errors

Right at 3PM my local time, my generation stats stopped working. Using Push services through SMA Webbox.

I can test the FTP connection in the Webbox and get an OK an connection logged properly.
However when the default 15 minute connection update interval occurs, all I get is a 551 error.

FTP Push connection test successfully completed. (10307) Device 04-12-2021 18:32:54
An error occurred during the FTP upload: 551 (10314) Device 04-12-2021 18:45:09

The rest of my uploads are happening correctly for both weather and consumption from an Eagle 200 PUSH.

Same problem here with my WebBox, after my (AEST) 8am upload.

I received the FTP 551 return code a couple of times but then “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” for the rest of the day.

I’m thinking server problem? @bankstownbloke

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Thanks for the confirmation about the server issue on their end.
I have been trying everything on my end for no help and now can’t even get the Test FTP push to work after wiping everything and starting from scratch.
Hope @bankstownbloke can remedy the problem soon.

No probs. I tried rebooting my VPN box and the WebBox, but no change.
Of course, it could be a mass WebBox revolt, of two.

More webbox issues here. Except I’m pulling from the webbox for local processing but pushing those files to pvoutput FTP. I’ve also tried using winscp to push the same file and “get error on output file”

Definately looks like a server side issue

Same for me. Webbox pushing to sunny portal + pvoutput via FTP. started receiving error 551 yesterday @22:13 GMT.
Have rebooted internet box, webbox, restarted the inverter without success

I rebooted the Webbox, the gateway , the router and the computer multiple times to no effect.
Now I get an incorrect username and password since I removed the Webbox device from my PVOutput configuration and re-enabled it. That forces a new password to be created. But updating the password in the Webbox settings does not stop the errors now.
Error occurred in the FTP Push conn. test: Incorrect user name or password (10308)

Still no sign of @bankstownbloke here in this problem thread.
What does it take to grab his attention?

My system looks to be exporting data ok now. Attention seems grabbed. :slight_smile:

The problem should be resolved now.

Issue was due to FTP server running out of resources. This is now been freed periodically so shouldn’t happen again.

Thanks, BB!

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Thanks BB for addressing the issue and the fix to not have the same occurrence again hopefully.

I’m having issues again with my generation upload data. Don’t see any errors with the Webbox uploads either for PVOutput.org. No connection issues for the automatic uploads or the Test FTP Pushes.

But my upload data seems to be empty or sporadic or something.

Anybody else have issues?