Fronius SYMO PV output setup

Hi folks,
I have a Fronius SYMO inverter without fronius smart meter. I understand I cannot setup the meter push without that. Currently I’ve setup inverter and log data push. Below is my reading which is very basic.
Could someone guide me what else I could setup (temperature/voltage etc) without the smart meter?


Most of the useful stuff is measured at/by the meter.

You could push the DC voltage and current from each string (MPP) if you wanted to along with the log push but there isn’t a lot else to choose from.

e.g. add to your log push
&v7=Current_DC_String_1&v8=Current_DC_String_2&v9= Voltage_DC_String_1&v10= Voltage_DC_String_2

Then you could set up a calculation for v11 and v12 which multiplies the string current and voltage to generate a power value by string. These are only snapshot values though, not an average for the interval, and as such is of limited value.

I use Open Weather Map to upload temperature data:

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I have recently set up my PVO Fronius system and have continued making tweaks as I found out about them in the help/community.

I was wondering if it normal for the OpenWeather API to call every 15 minutes 24/7?

Could there be a way to limit the inverter/weather API calls to occur between specified times of the day? Eg. 5am - 9pm.

Note: I currently only have the inverter power production outputs being logged so I didn’t need 24/7 data. I can see the 24/7 being more useful for when I eventually add in the consumption monitoring to my system.

There isn’t an option on the Auto Uploader to specify a time range. Create a new ‘idea’ topic for this enhancement.