Fronius SYMO GEN24

I’ve just installed a Fronius Symo Gen24… is it possible to upload data on PVOutput?
I’ve read of a Push service but I can’t find it in the settings of the inverter.


I don’t think it has that functionality. You have to run a separate computer 24/7 to do it. I have a home assistant server for all my smart home stuff. Getting that server to upload was fairly easy… all the info is available. It would have been nice to have, and fronius have been adding small things in with firmware updates… but I’m not confident they will add this back in.

I was also looking at extracting the info from solar.web and reuploading… but it seemed a lot harder to do than just running a server.

Thanks for your reply

Where do I find the info to setup the server?

I don’t understand why they go from something with decent monitoring software to go backwards

because if you can push that data to some other tool, it is harder for them to sell SolarWeb Pro Subscriptions.