Fronius symo gen24 export limit

I have a fronius symo gen24 8kw, fronius 65ts-3a smart meter, and 20 longhinpannels of 430 w each (8600 total). The system is set to soft limit of 0.
I have the following problem: if i use my cooktop (for example) which is on L1, the solarweb shows that i am getting all my energy from my solar. But the fronius smart meter shows: L1 1.5kwh, L2 -0.4 kwh, L3 -0.5 kwh (this is a real example). At the same time, my utility meter shows that i have consumed 2 kwh.
My utility meter is not able, for now, to register energy feeded into the grid, and it registers that energy as consumption.
From what i understand, the inverter receives a demand of 1.5 kwh, it produces 1.5 kwh but it sends it equal on all phases. Is this how the fronius symo gen24 is supposed to work? Other guys say that fronius should send 1.5 kwh (the demanded energy) onlynon the phase where there is demand.

This is a picture taken at the same time with the screenshot, but from fronius smartmeter.
The 2 pictures are with a different example, where i use a different appliance.