Fronius suddenly stops uploading during day, usually catches up at night

My Fronius inverter has stopped uploading to PVOutput consistently during the day.
It would start off ok but then stop and most often upload the rest after sunset. I had an instance where it wouldn’t upload at the end of day.
Interestingly enough the upload to SolarWeb is not impacted!

There are a few things I can think off that might have caused the issue.
In order closest to the date; the inverter was powered down for electrical work; joined NBN; new modem before joining NBN.

Is this an instance of; have you tried turning it off and on again?

Unfortunately the push from Fronius does not provide catchup functionality for missed uploads. This is provided for the solarweb however.

Meant to upload this image but wasn’t able to earlier.
What is happening is that the uploads stop but I still get the total at the end of the day, except for 2 days where that didn’t happen but SolarWeb has recorded a most likely correct amount.
What causes the uploads to fail then suddenly start again? BTW worked fine all day today!?

Yes, if the Fronius cannot send/push data to PVOutput due to bad wifi etc then you will get missing points.