Fronius smart meter + two inverters

Hi guys. I’ve just had a Fronius Primo 4kw installed in parallel with an existing Aurora 5kw. I also had a Fronius smart meter installed at the feed in point. I have setup PV output with both SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Inverter & SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Meter with voltage. I can’t seem to get the export data from the meter which I can see instantaneously in solar web can anyone help? I’m completely new to this and am curious why the solar web energy balance is different to the energy consumed in PV output? Is the pv output gross while solar web is net? I realise that with my setup I can’t track power consumption as their isn’t really a way of tracking the generation from my second inverter. All I really want to be able to see is total export in kWh and total import along with the energy generation of the fronius. TIA

On the meter config add &n=1 or &auto=1 if you are a donator for better results.

Thanks bankstownbloke. I have setup my meter push with auto=1 and it is showing net import and solar production but there is a delay of a few hours between when my solar peters out and when I start to import energy (which I know is not true).

Also if I setup my Aurora to push production numbers to PVO, could I combine the production from my fronius and Aurora inverters?

You can try aggregating the inverters to a parent system then send meter push to the parent as well.

  • Child A (Fronius Inverter)
  • Child B (Aurora Inverter)
  • Parent C (A + B)
  • Fronius Meter Push to C

The above setup has not been tested or supported though.