Fronius Smart Meter connection timeouts after firmware upgrade

HI all,

Since the latest update to my Fronius Primo 5.0-1, v 3.14.1-10, I am getting intermittent connect timeouts from the inverter to the smartmeter on the modbus. It’s frustrating as hell.

Rang fronius, and they say maybe a problem with the smart meter. Kept tewlling them was only a problem since the firmware upgrade, they won’t listen, and say it can’t be rolled back.

Anyone got some suggestions?

it might be worth checking the Time stamp on both units ?

It started happening around the time of the firmware update.
Am I able to roll that back? Fronius says it’s impossible?

Currently have V3.14.1-10 I want to roll back to V3.13.3-2 where everything was working fine.

What problem are you actually seeing and where are you seeing it? How do you know it is due to “intermittent connect timeouts from the inverter to the smartmeter on the modbus”?

Note a Fronius inverter has two independent firmwares, each with independent version numbers. One for the inverter (e.g. fro30491.upd), and one for the data-manager (e.g. 3.14.1-10). I haven’t done it but others have reported that they have downgraded both these firmwares, e.g. by using a USB stick in the inverter. You just have to source the old file from somewhere.