Fronius separate MPPT Modbus

Hi Guys,
I have collected this information on being able to get the separate MPPT data for the inverter.

I’m completely lost as I don’t really understand coding too much or databases or modbus and haven’t had much time to actually look into it and try it.

if anyone is able to get it working and write up a tutorial that would be awesome.

i have zipped up all the files i have and here’s a message i got with them

" Hi

Here are the 3 scripts I use.

The configuration file provides the IP address of the inverter and its port. I also have a fronius smart meter which can also be read. I had to change the address and a couple of other values. It is read by the other scripts. is the script to run and acquire data. It calls the other script - that actually reads the registers. Sunspec is supposed to be an open standard that many inverter (and other kit) complies with.

I suspect you will have to change the register addresses as I had problems using the original script. I found some spreadsheets that list the register addresses (attached).

If you want to log the data in the database then you’ll need the database script as well. You can run the scripts without setting up the database, with the values just printed to the terminal, but you have to comment out the calls to the database. I had some trouble installing the database (mariaDB) but found a good guide for rPi online. The main challenge was getting permissions to read/modify the database once it was installed. I also installed phpmyadmin to look at the database and it’s easy to export etc. Once setup, the database has been working really well, and is used by the solar viewer scripts from stroberg blog, that reads the database and auto updates etc.

My suggestion is to start simple and just try to connect with the inverter and maybe just read one register.

I had to comment out sections and/or add print statements until I had a response.

I’ve also added all the try: except statements in the sunspec script as occasionally a register read failed and the logging stopped. Using try allows the script to continue in most cases.


Files link

also another few links from Matt
another page with some details:, and what looks like the github repository for this code

Hey b-man… looks promising, but don’t want this dumped into a database. Just want to capture the variables and send to pvoutput.

Who was the original author of these scripts?

No idea im guessing the guy i got it off got the scripts from the below links. Along with some of his own stuff

It can be done without the database as said above