Fronius PVoutput integration - consumption mirroring generation?

It seems as if my numbers on PV output, automatically pushed from my fronius inverter smart meter, are borked.

Consumption is suspiciously matching generation, as seen below.

For the same date, direct from the fronius shows the correct data (I can’t post another image as a new user, let’s just say the consumption is flat red at 300w as we were away out of the house and generation is as reported in the above graph)

Any clues how this has happened and how to correct it?

If your meter is measuring Net consumption, add &n=1 to the meter push config

Thanks for the reply

The idea is the meter is sending gross generation and consumption, and PV output can work out the net.

Nothing config wise has changed, just about 13 days ago consumption started mirroring genration, except for the periods I am not generating (overnight) which is consistent with previous data.

Is there anyway to “reset” the connection? I am at a loss what to do to correct this now…

As per below, the red line shows PV output reporting a lot less export to the grid in the last ~15 days than the previous 15 days before that. This is just PV output, the inverter is actually exporting in line with what it should be.

PVOutput only reports the data sent to it by Fronius Push, each push is separate from the previous so there isn’t anything to reset.

Check that there hasn’t been a recent firmware upgrade.

Hi CousinLarry,

Are you somewhere where daylight savings just started or ended? Is the inverter’s clock [ still ] correct?


In the end, my pvOutput premium membership expired and the log data wasn’t being uploaded. Got a premium and it corrected todays output, but now need to go back and fix the last 20 days somehow…!