Fronius Push - Random 0W at fixed hours

Hi all,

First of all, thank you @bankstownbloke for As far as I got it, it is you behind the system.

Me, my brother and parents, all got PV systems installed. 3 different systems (well, my brother and parents share the same roof but have separate inverters) that I have added to PVO.

All good so far but I see several times a day 0W outputs for hourly report on generation and/or consumption. I see this on all 3 systems and it happens at random hours. Everything is fixed at some point with a LogData push but it is a bit annoying.

You can see an example here at 12:00. Also the “Power Used” at 11:00 is wrong. Again, it gets fixed at some point with another hourly log data push.

I played a bit with the “Net Delay” but that doesn’t seem to fix it. Is anyone also seeing this? Any workaround or should I just live with it?

I guess it is related to the log data push happening sometimes before or after the 5 minutes push for the meter/inverter data at the time.

All systems are running a Fronius Symo 10-0-3M and all are on the latest firmware.

For net data pushed from the meter its already delayed automatically to wait for generation to be received first.

Zero 0W consumption is recorded when net export exceeds generation. We can’t have negative consumption so it is always recorded as 0W.

There is not much that can be done on the PVOutput side as the individual meter and inverter pushes from Fronius doesn’t add up for the same timestamp.

Alternatively, try using “auto=1” on the meter push, this uses the total export sum but this doesn’t always work either.

Thank you @bankstownbloke. Well, the 0W also happens for generation, just like a few minutes ago:

Some kind race conditions between the hourly log data push and the inverter push? This happens a few times a day and always at :00 (e.g. 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, etc).

I’m already using auto=1 for the meter push.

In the end, it’s not a big deal since things get fixed later with some log data pushes. But it would be nice to have consistent data throughout the day.



Just configured a Fronius system to push to PVOutput a couple of days ago and I’m having exactly the same issue where Power, Average (on ocasion) and Power Used (almost all the time during production) report 0W exactly on the hour e.g. 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 etc. The previous hour gets fixed on the next Log Data push (hourly), but remains at 0W untill then.

Tried to play with ‘&delay’ parameter but had no major luck yet… I tried all sorts of combinations including reducing Inverter and Meter delays and having a delay on Log Data Push. The settings I use are

Inverter to PVOutput

SmartMeter to PVOutput

Log Data Push to PVOutput


I too have a Fronius and I constantly get a 0W Production push at 09:00 WST 01:00 UTC ( I am +08:00 GST ) every day. The hourly log push at 10:00 overwrites the erroneous data. I can only assume that the inverter itself does something odd every 24 hours.


Had no issue with the above settings all day today, no 0W were reported. Could have been a glitch fixed on day roll over. Try it

I used to see this. Found you have to push the logs after the the other meter/inverter. Remove the delay from meter/inverter and add it to the logs entry