Fronius Push Question



I have configured my Fronius Symo 5.0-3 to push product, consumption and log data. In the graph and in the Power Used column I see a weird and dramatic jump in the newest / latest values that are added. This appears as a dramatic ‘uptick’ in ‘Power Used’ on the graph. Over time these large values are replaced by newer data ( the Log File ). I saw that some people have appended ‘auto=1’ to the end of the push string to correct an error in the pushed data. When I do this it creates even more ridiculous values. Is there something else I should be doing? No. The change in values aren’t a reflection of actual power used.



The auto=1 should be put on the Meter push, nothing else is required.

Wait until the next day as this setting requires a full days data to work correctly.



I’ve appended ‘auto=1’ again to the ‘Meter Push’. I will exercise some greater patience this time.



Is it possible to edit a single record?

On 17/01/19 at 10:55PM shows that my Power Used was 463,368W. This has the effect of greatly distorting the entire day’s data for consumption. No, I don’t own a personal MRI! This occurred after I appended the ‘auto=1’.

I would now not expect any subsequent ‘log’ figures to update the record which is nine hours old and restore it to a more sane value.

Both the preceding and following figures are 144W which is far more likely.


This has been fixed by via the API, enter the following address in a browser -

This updated power consumption (v4) to 144 at 22:55. The energy consumption (v3) set to -1 will allow the value to be recalculated with the power value.


Thanks very much…