Fronius Push "Power Used" data delay


I’ve just set up my new Fronius Symo 8.2-3-M inverter on PVOutput and it seems to generally communicate but there are a few things I’m unclear on. I’ve captured some data in the image below.
I’m a donation user and my system is set up to push inverter, meter and log data, I’m not at home right now but I can get the setups later if needed.

To understand what is happening, I want to know what causes the following issues:

  • I’ve noticed on many occasions that the “Power Used” data will have one or more zero values (as seen in the image) which then seem to get back-filled after some time.
  • There are also some less frequent zero values for “Power Generated” which also seem to get fixed after a while.
  • There is nothing for the voltage data. I have selected the Phase 1 voltage on parameter v7 in the meter push configuration but I don’t understand how to get it to the chart.
  • Similarly for temperature, what is required to get this data loaded?

I probably haven’t looked hard enough through all the help documentation but I’d also like to understand if it’s possible to push other data, either from the inverter and meter or from other sources to be logged. For example, if I had solar insolation data or windspeed being measured on a Raspberry Pi could I push this to my PVOutput account?


Consumption is calculated from the inverter push and the meter net push and will drop to 0W when net reported is greater than generation from inverter.

  • Consumption = Generation + Net

The hourly Log push fixes these issues.

The meter may not have any data on Current_AC_Sum, try changing to Current_AC_Phase_1

The v6 setting should be v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1 rather than v6=Voltage_AC_Phase1

One of the Auto Uploader weather devices can be used to record temperature

The Add Status API can be used to upload custom data.