Fronius Push - LogData PAC options - Ripple Fix

A new pac parameter has been added to the Fronius LogData and Inverter push to address the ripples/waves found in power data when it is derived from the LogData energy data.

There are several options depending on the situation / preference -

Use power from inverter PAC

  • LogData push - pac=0

Calculate power from inverter DAY_ENERGY

  • LogData push - pac=0
  • Inverter push - dayenergy=1&pac=0

If the Fronius inverter has the DAY_ENERGY bug then use simple moving average -

  • LogData push - pac=2


With pac=2 option

Real spikes added to test that the SMA is only applied to small ripples.

Great, looks much better now!
It is not perfect, small power variation are also averaged, and the peaks have not the exact value - but fine for me.

Thanks for the update, which “pac” option did you end up using?

2 - I use only hourly log data push