Fronius Push - Connection Not Possible



Did a bit of searching around but couldn’t find a solution that worked for me. I recently got solar installed, 6.4kW with a 5kW Fronius Primo inverter.

I’ve tried setting up the Push service as per the help page, however every time I do all I get is “connection not possible”.

I feel like I’ve checked the URL and copy / pasted the correct info each time.
I’ve got it setup with my system ID and API key (tried generating a new one).
I’ve gone to the network diagnostics page and can ping fine.
I’ve also tried restarting the inverter.

I am not sure what’s going on, maybe something simple I’m overlooking… any help would be appreciated.




all looks good.
do you have the api set to enabled?
whats your configuration link?

This is my configuration and it works fine… double check your sid and key

Does it log the data on solarweb?


Thanks got it all sorted. Something stupid in the end but your post made me double check everything. Somehow the API got reset back to disabled - not sure how because I had to enable it in the first place to generate the API key.

Thanks for the help!