Fronius Primo with S0 Meter (kwh Pulse) - SOLVED


I have a Primo 5.0.1 with a external chinese meter that send kwh pulse to the Fronius inverter. It works fine and I have the consumption data on my app and in the Solarweb site.

Can I send the meter data to PVOutput or only the Fronius Smart meter work?

I tried to put the standart configuration on the Inverter’s push service but it show me the “Connection not possible” warning.

Can anyone help me?


Go to your inverter settings/meter page (http://your-inverter-ip/#/settings/meter) and tell us what primary meter is listed and what it’s settings report.


Out of curiosity if you go to http://fronius/#/about_system where fronius is the LOCAL IP address of your inverter what do you see?

I have a Fronius Symo with an attached Fronius Smart Meter.


Can you double-check the syntax of your PUSH string for the meter?

You should / might also see a figure for the consumption as I have show in the graphic below.



I just took a look at your system 72838 and it seems to be populated with CONSUMPTION data.



I have solved the problem.

First answering the question:

My Fronius IP is

I used the site and directed the PUSH service of the inverter to the WEBHOOK, to “see” what the inverter is sending in the POST message.

So I make the adjustments and that’s the push sintax for the S0 meter:


And the Inverter’s push stay like:


And the LOG push:


And now is working perfect:

Thank you for your interest and help.


Wait so you have meter data getting pushed from the fronius website from a non fronius meter?
And does the extended data work aka voltages etc? I could never get that to work. I figured it was because i have a non fronius meter.


Sweet now I have fronius push handling my S0 meter data hopefully that means it wont drop out when my flukso drops out now… ( i made a pulse splitter so it could go to both the fronius and the flukso)
will test in another system i have and if working correctly i will add it to my main system
got the log data to push the extended data values too. pity they cant be live although i have my Raspberry PI doing that anyway.
last thing for me is getting modbus working to get each string as its own system and then creating a parent/child setup to see what each string is doing independently.


My meter sends only kWh pulses, not extended data.


This says your sending dc voltage and current to extended data v7, v8, v9, and v10


Sorry, this is the push line of the S0 meter