Fronius Primo Setup

Hey All

I’ve just had a 6 kW Jinko / Fronius system installed but I’m finding the earning info on the solarweb doesnt work too well most days the earning info doesnt update.

I wanted to utilize use the push service and use PVOutput as long as I can continue to use the OEM Fronius webapp at the same time.

Is there any guide to follow to setup the push service for PVOutput?

yes go to help * * top right on page

  • [Push Services
    • [Fronius Post tells you how to set it all up Jim

You will need to access the inverter Push Service menu -

Add push settings as per -


I have a new Fronius Primo inverter, which I have “hooked up” to, here :love_you_gesture:

Dumb question: is the “meter” data push only available if I have a Fronius Smart Meter installed? The Primo 3.5-1 inverter is not able to POST the “SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Meter” data by itself, despite the Push Service settings page having it available as a selectable option, right?

I think I’ll have to donate to PVOutput soon, so that I can use the “LogData” service :wink:


Correct - if you have a Fronius Smartmeter, you can add the ‘meter’ push data commands. Without a meter, the inverter doesn’t recognise those meter commands.
Thats OK - I don’t have a Fronius meter either, and the inverter-only commands work fine, and without ‘LogData’ - you’d use that if your connection from the inverter to the Internet was flaky and dropping sample measurements.

I have problems accessing the Fronius Datamanager in order to enter the Push parameters. I can access my system’s COMPONENTS screen via showing ‘Data Sources’ and ‘Inverters’. Under ‘Data Sources’ the Datamanager details are shown as being ‘Online’ and an IP address like - however, I was not able to connect to this address (timeout). I have also tried

On my local WiFi network my inverter is on IP - does the Datamanager have a different local IP or do I have to login to the inverter?

You actually connect to the Datamanager card and not the inverter. The PUSH menu is accessible via that address you specify. You will need to enter a username and password to edit these settings.

Problem solved!
I had to connect my smart phone to the Inverter WiFi Access Point (needs to be activated via the LCD panel) and then logged in to the ‘back end’ (login details from my installer).
I then opened the web browser on my phone and typed this IP address: (don’t know if this is the same for all devices - ask your installer).
On the web page that opens I went through Settings to find the PUSH menu page. I typed in the parameters as generated within PVOutput, such as System ID and API key. It is a bit fiddly to insert all the data into the file name string - be careful to exactely copy every character including spaces. When finished click the check mark at the top of the page. The system will confirm if the connection was successful. If not, check every character for typos.
Your system will now automatically transmit data to PVOutput.

It’s a bit easier to use a computer browser than a small phone screen.

I assigned a fixed IP address to to my Fronius inverter, and also have the username and passwords to access the various levels of menus.

Hi all - I am on the non-donation mode and im trying to get the data to upload from my Fronius Inverter. I have added /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=&key=

but do i need to add any other Parameters to this or should the default work? Values seem to be coming in for Energy Used and Power Used - but that is in correct ive copied a link to todays “output”

Any guidance would be appreciated
Mr Noob!

A push from the inverter will save to generation, a meter push will save to consumption.

If the meter is a net meter then adding &n=1 to the end of the meter push config is required.

A net meter push also requires the inverter data push to calculate gross consumption, i.e. you need two push configurations.