Fronius Primo Setup


Hey All

I’ve just had a 6 kW Jinko / Fronius system installed but I’m finding the earning info on the solarweb doesnt work too well most days the earning info doesnt update.

I wanted to utilize use the push service and use PVOutput as long as I can continue to use the OEM Fronius webapp at the same time.

Is there any guide to follow to setup the push service for PVOutput?


yes go to help * * top right on page

  • [Push Services
    • [Fronius Post tells you how to set it all up Jim


You will need to access the inverter Push Service menu -

Add push settings as per -



I have a new Fronius Primo inverter, which I have “hooked up” to, here :love_you_gesture:

Dumb question: is the “meter” data push only available if I have a Fronius Smart Meter installed? The Primo 3.5-1 inverter is not able to POST the “SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Meter” data by itself, despite the Push Service settings page having it available as a selectable option, right?

I think I’ll have to donate to PVOutput soon, so that I can use the “LogData” service :wink:



Correct - if you have a Fronius Smartmeter, you can add the ‘meter’ push data commands. Without a meter, the inverter doesn’t recognise those meter commands.
Thats OK - I don’t have a Fronius meter either, and the inverter-only commands work fine, and without ‘LogData’ - you’d use that if your connection from the inverter to the Internet was flaky and dropping sample measurements.