Fronius Primo - Help

Hi All,

I’m hoping someone can help me with the following.

As mentioned I have 5.0kw system installed with Fronius inverter. Ever since it has been installed - via the app it reads double what the inverter has on its screen. Eg APP shows 8.8kw and inverter shows 4.4kw - daily the app says I make 50-60kwhr which is unrealistic with this size system.

Can anybody help with how I go about setting this up so it reads correctly?


Which app, and version number, are you looking at?
And what sort of device are you running the app on? Android? Apple? a PC/laptop computer?
Does the general shape of the solar curve over a day match between the app and the display on the inverter itself?

If you use a webbrowser instead of the app, and go to and log into your system, does that match what you see on the inverter display?

Hi Willisave,

I am currently using solar.web version 1.0.2 on Apple (iPad and iPhone)

I had been using Fronius solar.web live (up until a few days ago again both Apple and iPad and iPhone).

It appears that the curve does match however just double - if that makes sense.