Fronius power to grid matches power used in PVoutput

Hi, Recently had to have my fronius smart meter replaced as it was not recording consumption, and ever since, the power used in PVoutput matches the power to grid in the fronius app?
Not sure if something changed in settings when the smart meter was disconnected, but i cant seem to make it match the fronius power used.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to look for or check?

That would have to be in the settings in the inverter surely, wonder if it needs to be ‘setup’ again if its replaced or hasn’t been setup correctly when it was replaced. In the smart meter settings on mine it does show the serial number of the meter so wonder if some of the config is tied together.

just found this when searching,

adding n=1 to see if that rectifys the issue, but it wasnt there prior to meter being replaced
**** NOPE just stopped showing any consumption when added ****

The thread you reference seems to be quite different to what you are saying though. That thread says “Power used is almost the same as power generated but not so on Solar.web” but (I think) you are saying it is wrong on BOTH PVOutput and the Fronius app (i.e. Solarweb). If it is wrong on both then I suspect your smart meter has been wired differently to how it is configured in the inverter. I must be set to either “Feed in point” or “Consumption path” and it must match how it is wired.

If you log into your inverter itself can you see that the Smart Meter is actually present? — http://fronius/#/about_system

I have taken out the hourly logdata, and it seems to have fixed the issue, will give it a day or two and see how it goes
smart meter is present , and the fronius data is what i am using as a reference point. It seems to match what is happening , IE turn on jug, or pool pump and fronius useage seems tro match, as does pvoutput now , previously while having the issue, useage matched the power to grid. so if i used 1kw, but generated 4kw (3kw to grid) , it was saying 3 kw for power used

still wasnt matching so added the logdata back and fixed by following info in the link below, not sure why it needed to be changed when meter was replaced, but by adding the “&mode=1” to the hourly logdata file, pvoutput now matches fronius solarweb