Fronius power consumption always 0w at might night


As per title. PVoutput consumption data / graph always show 0w at midnight.
I’m pushing:
SolarAPI v1 CurrentData Inverter 5 mins interval
SolarAPI v1 CurrentData Meter 5 mins interval
SolarAPI v1 LogData - Data 1h interval

My mate has a Fronius also displaying the same issue.
Upgraded to latest Firmware 3.13.3-2 doesn’t seem to make any difference
Thank you!


on extended data its showing power used 100 --300 watts at midnight the green line


The first data point is recorded from the hourly log push and will always be 0W as the power is determined by the previous data point, which is never provided. The hourly log pushes stop at 11:00PM the previous day.

A possible change will be to not record 0W at 00:00 from the hourly log push. This will allow the 5-minute meter push to record >0W at 00:00


Everything is show at 0 at midnight for me except voltage.
Not sure what can I do client side to rectify this. Without hourly push, there is also issue of random 0w on the graph.
I think this one need the dev to look at it.


The change to exclude 00:00 data from the hourly log push will fix this. It needs to be tested first.


Do you mind let me know how do I do this?
I’m a bit green on this one.


This will be a change on the PVOutput service, there is nothing for you to do.


Thank you so much. Please let me know when it happens :slight_smile:


This is now fixed and should take effect from 29 June.


Yeah this worked for me this morning, properly showing Usage at midnight.