Fronius PHP + Task Scheduler for Windows

I hope this post isn’t a re-invention of the wheel, but it took me many days to hunt down all the info to get my inverter data to post to PVoutput. So I put together a guide to help others and hope it is an all-in-one guide.

I wrote it in a Google Document, the link is here:

Just looking quickly over your code. Shouldn’t v6 be set to UAC, not UDC?

My understanding on the chart for voltage would be reflecting the DC Volts since the AC is mainly a constant value. DC Volts at least for my system changes as the MPPT in the inverter gets the most current it can. I will try monitor the AC value and see what readings i get over a day.

By convention all PVOutput systems plot the AC grid voltage on the main graph so your graph won’t be comparable to other systems if you plot something different. If your grid voltage gets too high then your inverter will likely start backing off so it is an important parameter to monitor. Actually, it does vary in value significantly during the day as you will see if you plot it. PVOutput gives you 6 extended values (v7->v12) to plot whatever custom values you want (if you are a donator).

I did watch it for a short while, maybe 30 minutes and it did change a little, 242-246 vac. Will look at setting up mysql on this pc and logging it for a while.

I think the Australian standards say the max permissible is supposed to be 253V but I notice mine hits that every day.

FYI, I wrote my own PVOutput pusher for my Fronius Primo inverter which I run on a Raspberry Pi. My father-in-law has a Galvo so I installed an old Raspberry Pi (model 1) and run my pusher there as well.

Raspberry PI is going to be a future project for me. Do you have any idea how much power it’s using, In the past for my previous inverter I had an old laptop monitoring it, was using 7-14 watts, 7 when the screen was off. Currently using a newer laptop which is using 14-16 watts idle and up to 36 watts when it tops up the battery.

I haven’t measured it but I use only a 5W supply for my network cable connected RPi2 and it works fine so I am guessing it idles on only about 3W or so. If you use a RPi3 with built-in wifi then you will need a 10W supply so again I guess it probably idles around 7W.