Fronius MPPT 1 and 2 voltages and details


I’ve just got a Fronius Primo 5.0-1 installed.
I’m trying to get access to the MTTP1/2 string details with voltages and currents being produced by the two strings. I can access these details on the actual inverter box, but I can’t see how to query it via the JSON API.

Does anyone know how to do this ?


Hi, json api is not needed as the inverter has its own wifi built in, just access this using the Fronius data finder tool, set up your axcess on your home computer or whatever you would like to use and the inverter can then send your main data to PVORG using the pvorg help menue throught your home router, then to see voltages log on to enter you user name and pasword log on then click on history then enter a device and channels and it will then show all of the info you have asked about. jim


Sending to PVOrg is not required.

Set up your Fronius Solarweb account and get the premium option (it’s free).

For it to work though the inverter needs to be connected to the internet via your wifi (or in some cases directly via an ethernet cable). Installer should have helped set that up but there is a smartphone app on the weblink above you can use. It can also be done via a web browser app but it’s probably better to have an installer do that.

In Solarweb you can view the data from the inverter’s data logger including MPP data for each string, and you can also request a report covering a date span of your choice.

e.g. here’s an image from the analysis section of Solarweb showing the DC voltage and current from my 2 PV strings yesterday. You can also view the power output from each string and you can view today’s data up to the last log data point (log data might be half hour behind real time). Power data is available in real time but not split by MPPT.


Thanks for the info - I can now see my info on solarweb, very nice!

Just another thing - is it possible to read out this information in real time via the API ?
I can’t see how to do this at the moment, and the report to solarweb seems to be every hour, i’d like to get real time information. I can see this information on the inverter box display screen when cycling through the menu options available.



I don’t know if it’s available in real time. The data exists but whether there is an easy way to access it I’m not sure.


a few years ago i was given this inverter reader which also can display direct to PV,org for a duel MPPT inverter you use too of them, unfortunately i have never had the time and lack the program skills to make it work, its called a SGT Solar Inverter Viewer hope you can download it and it works for you,if so please let me know to do it as i would still like to use it now, down load perhaps from here jim


@jimdcollie - thanks for the links, but I wasn 't able to use this software to query the inverter. Possibly it is for other type of inverters.

It seems that fronius have not made this information available in real time.


Cant read it from the api. You need to do it via the modbus


thanks @B-Man. Do you know if there is any example of how to do this (or similar) via modbus ?


Send me ur email address.
Ill forward an email with everything i got from a bloke on whirlpool forums (i think)
Its way above my head and i havent had the time to start looking into it.
Once you set it up you can set mine up :rofl: