Fronius - Missing Data

Hi All,

I’ve finally noticed that the 09:00AWST [ 01:00 UTC ] PUSH appears to fail every day. It gets fixed up when the hourly / LOG PUSH goes through but it’s an oddity.

I’ve checked with another Fronius inverter on PVO and it exhibits the same issue.

Has anyone else experienced a regular recurrent missing PUSH on a daily basis?


My Primo simply stops posting at random times, the following day it posts untill anywhere between noon and 3PM.

It’s been fine for a good while.

My Symo too omits random 5 minute pushes but fortunately the log data fills in the blanks. I put this down to either some weird network congestion issue. My inverter is wirelessly connected to my router ( distance around 5m but some brick walls in the way ). Oddly the Raspberry Pi that I use to query the inverter, also wirelessly and every 5 minutes, never seems to miss.