Fronius missing a update


Hi i keep getting a message from Fronius saying update averable from 3.12.5-1 to 3.13.3-2, when i go to the change log to see what it is, is keeps saying change log not yet averable yet, i am in Australia and am wondering if this is the downgrade of inverter functions needed for my inverter to meet the new regs from the Australian government which came in last month, my understanding was Fronius inverters exceed the specs needed and therefore had to be downgraded to comply, thanks


Hi Jim, I am in W.A. and recently updated the firmare to 3.13.3-2 without incident. The firmware is for the Fronius Datamanager [ card ] and not the inverter itself.

There is also some discussion about this at


thanks for that, it now says, on change-log—_________________________________________________________________________________________
Software version: V3.13.3-2

/ Correct calculation for active power at Solar.API
/ Support zero-feed in combined with the Ohmpilot