Fronius Meter (used energy) - unsupported without donation?


first time user here.

Is it possible to get data from a Fronius Meter data to accurately reflect usage without becoming a “Donater”? If the answer to this question is “no” that should be made very clear up front.

It seems that the Meter data either tracks solar output, or is a “net” value (with zero “usage” at times), neither of which are “usage” if you are not a Donater. But if you become a Donater, then the problem seems to correct itself (plus you can also use the ‘Log’ option).

I have a Fronius Symo 10.0-3-M with attached Smart Meter.

I configured it according to all the instructions I could find using the inbuilt ‘PUSH SERVICE’.

Inverter : SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Inverter | HTTP POST | 5min | |

Meter: SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Meter | HTTP POST | 5 min | |

Log: SolarAPI v1 - Logdata - Data | HTTP POST | 1 h | |

The ‘Log’ service did not work (at all) until I became a ‘Donater’, I believe this is expected.

I’m trying to figure out whether I can expect my generation/usage data to become inaccurate in 364 days.

Cheers, SW

Hi Saliya,

I have a Fronius 5.0-3-M and a Smart Meter.

According to the PVO Help the ‘Log Data Push’ is the only optional push config. My Meter Push is configured as:


I also push log data but I am a ‘Donator’. The HELP says, in relation to the ‘auto’ parameter the following.

Parameter auto

The auto setting is recommended over n when the Fronius Meter is pushing Net data. Net energy is calculated from the following push data -

  • EnergyReal_WAC_Plus_Absolute and
  • EnergyReal_WAC_Minus_Absolute

This will produce average power readings instead of instantaneous PowerReal_P_Sum power with n=1

Note this option requires the start of day energy to be recorded to accurately calculate changes to energy throughout the day. It is recommended to switch to the auto option after sunset then review the results the following day.


It depends on Fronius meter setup. A meter measuring gross instead of net will have no issues.

Some people have had success with n=1 which is not a donation feature.

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Hi bankstownbloke,

Thanks very much for your response, I was hoping to hear from you. Or any non-donation folks
that had this working, would you be able to point me in the direction of any?
I’ve had a reasonable trawl through the forums and didn’t find.

As far as I can tell, the recommended meter push option (SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Meter) does
output net figures. Are you saying there’s a way to make the Fronius Smart Meter report gross?

If I don’t use n=1 in the config, then ‘Power Used’ is only accurate while it’s dark (as reported previously by others).

If I do use n=1 in the config, the ‘Power Used’ figure is often zero (which I know isn’t the case).
I think you explained this to someone before as:

I think that’s a sign of a bug somewhere. I’m happy to help with data if it’s useful; I’m currently
recording the same system’s output to PVOutput using “Daily Log” (donation, hourly, fairly accurate) and
“Meter Push” (non-donation, 5-minutely, power used seems wrong with n=1).

Also happy to accept “it isn’t going to work accurately without donation status” if that’s the answer.