Fronius low DC voltage for hours

anyone seen this before? low DC voltage while the sun is out
had 2 days in a row one lasted until 2pm this one was only 11:30
winter and frosty.
Just wondering if its frost/ice on the panels (one string facing west one north) but both seems to start up at the same time making me wonder. the north should be going before the west if that was the case.

anyone got any ideas? my parents system isn’t having the issue about 2km away

yes seen this before,friend of mine had it and me to ,bad batch of contacts in the inverter,friend had inverter replaced mine sticked for 3 days and freed off itself and has been ok since 20 months later, the 70 ish volts you see is the conman earth plane not panel to inverter voltage. Jim

installer has never seen it before. wants me to physically look at the inverter when its having the issue and see what the screen says.

Supplier palmed it off as the installers issue. blaming poor string setup/layout

Didn’t have the issue today (weekend where i can actually look at it).

we took screen shots of it from fronius web as you have and sent them to Fronius, they told the installer to replace the inverters after they had log,d on to our inverters to check the fault a sticking relay piston core in both systems

it happened again this morning. i hit the inverter with my palm a few times and instantly started working.

what contact email did you use for fronius?

Hi sorry am unable to share mine as as you are not a installer, you need to go through your installer, as fronius will not usually talk with customers directly

Not sure if this is exactly related but there was a firmware update in May that caused my Primo 3.0 to do something weird with the MPPT voltage.
I had to roll back to the previous version which someone on whirlpool was good enough to send me. Doing this erased a ton of settings though which was a pain but seemed to resolve the low DC voltage issue for me.

It was basically happening when there was a lot of cloud. The inverter wasn’t dropping the current to let the voltage get up. Thus affecting efficiency.

The thread on whirlpool is the one about fronuis firmware in the green tech forum.

i haven’t updated my firmware for quite some time. its stable and no issues so no need to. so dont believe its firmware.

no problems ill keep an eye on it then get installer to chase up

Is there a chance the inverter is working normally but the data is under reporting?

Could you determine this by comparing the SolarWeb figures to the physical inverter screen figures?

Or is Solarweb always accurate?

the physical screen was reporting the same as solarweb