Fronius inverter setup

ok guys my solar is looking at getting installed friday.

any tips or settings i need to setup or think of when setting it up?
Can i just plug my lan cable into the inverter to connect it to the internet or do i have to set it up somehow first. reading the instructions its quite confusing

i read something about keeping the inverter on even when there is no generation
and had a look at how to setup push for pvoutput but going in blind until its up and running
anything else?

also what other values are available from the 3 phase inverter?
hoping to output voltage but unsure if thats string voltage or phase voltage. would this help show me when shading occurs?

i was also thinking of setting up 2 other systems for north and west so i can see how each string is performing separately and when.
is there an easier way to see this combined but portioned for each string?

Fronius inverters can connect by either lan cable or wireless. For a wireless connection you will need to have a strong signal in the area of the inverter installation.

By default Fronius inverters turn themselves off between sunset and sunrise, as if there is no generation there is no need to have the system running. If you are also installing a fronius smart meter (this is a solar install add-on as opposed to your smart bidirectional power meter used for billing purposes by your electricity provider) then you are able to track your electricity consumption as well. If this is the case, the recommendation is to leave your inverter running during the night for monitoring your usage and see where you can have additional savings.

Below is an example of 24 hours with a fronius smart meter installed to allow consumption monitoring on a single phase system:

Good luck for Friday. My advice, based on my install - don’t worry about PVO integration so much until the system is in and running - It may take them several visits to finish the install. Once you can access the web-page on the various devices including the inverter, and can see the menus, then the various PVO threads will make much more sense :slight_smile:

As Decibel said, if you don’t want to run a LAN cable to the inverter, it can connect by WiFi, but some firmware has trouble unless the signal is strong. This is apparently fixed in later firmware releases (mine is connected by WiFi without any trouble). Possibly the first thing you might look at doing is finding the menu for doing a firmware update, once the unit has Internet access, and triggering an update to the latest firmware.

panels and wiring to go everything else is ready
yeah figured once its running i can play more and will understand it more just trying to get a head start. been waiting for this day for ages. i have a firmware update downloaded so will install it from usb.

just looking for things i should/could do so i can look into it a bit more now

im monitoring consumption with something else so its not going to not record properly if it shuts down?

The Fronius smart meter ties into the inverter’s datalogger and sends both generated and consumed information to the Fronius Solar.Web site. If the inverter is turned off it cannot acquire data. If you are monitoring consumption with something else, it will not matter if the inverter is off or on, that only applies to the Fronius smartmeter.