Fronius Generation live


i am able to access my consumption in real time (its updated every second) from my flukso device and was wondering if i could view my generation from my fronius inverter the same way. other than standing in front of the inverter

it would be good to have it all viewable on a tablet or display from a Pi or something in the house so we can see when we can run the washing machine or turn the dishwasher on etc.

if i had a spare input on my flukso and had a 3 phase pulse meter for my generation i could tie it all together with flukso but i don’t have any spare ports i don’t have any spare din slots in my meter box and don’t want to spend another $300-400 on another pulse meter.


Fronius has an app for that…


You can also point a web browser directly at the IP address of the inverter - its has a built-in webserver that displays the current generation updating every few seconds:
After logging in with the username and password, (IP address of my inverter) shows: