Fronius Gen24 Plus Symo - how to?

Got a Fronius Gen24 Symo Plus 10kw installed today.

It seems quite different to previous Fronius from the descriptions I’ve seen on how to get it to work with pvoutput. Anyone have it working? My installer hasn’t done one of these before.


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Hey Matt - PBrooks here - congrats on the new system!.
Fronius Primos like mine integrate with PVOutput using its ‘Push API’ from a datamanager add-on card, but this page suggests the Gen24 seems not to have this API supported. Did your Gen24 Symo come with a DataManager card, or can one be added to give it the Push API functionality?

It appears to be totally different to previous inverters and I suspect the end of the data manager cards has arrived. Mine is online, I see data on solar.web from both the inverter and the smart meter. It’s connected to my wifi. Datalogger Finder doesn’t find it on my network though.

I’m going to keep trying to figure it out, but just interested if anyone else has one.


For instance, I can login to the inverter as “Customer” and see the power flows, I can pull the data out using but unclear how to “get in”. There’s a “Technician” account as well but it gives no further info or access it seems.

Здраствуйте. Вам нужно зайти в веб интерфейс (например ,для этого нужно узнать адрес инвертора.

On the Communication tab there is an option to turn on the Solar API, it is off by default.
There is another thread about how to use the Gen24 API calls which may provide some more info.

I ended up using the ‘rest_command’ in HomeAssistant

	method: post
	content_type: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
		X-Pvoutput-Apikey: "INSERT YOUR KEY HERE"
		X-Pvoutput-SystemId: "NUMBER SYSTEM ID - 12345"
	payload: >-
		&v11={{max(0, states('sensor.solarnet_power_battery') | round(default=0)) }}
		&v12={{ max(0, 0 - states('sensor.solarnet_power_battery') | round(default=0)) }}
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actually - i turned the payload into a ‘single line’ - as when YAML joins the lines - it makes the line return a space - which breaks my uploads…