Fronius Energy Generated Issue



I have successfully setup my Fronius Primo but I seem to have a funny chart issue

The Energy Generated chart pretty much fills the entire chart and doesnt peak like in the fronius app it just continues even when there is no power generated


There are two possibilities. Your solar production and consumption CT’s may not be installed properly or you may not have configured PVOutput properly. Since your monitoring site for Fronius is correct it must be the latter @bankstownbloke should be able to help.


This only started logging half way through the day, wait until tomorrow for full results.


Here is what your data is showing.
The Blue curve is your solar production
The Orange curve is Net power as measured by your CT
The Grey curve is the difference
This Grey curve shows where the power you are using originates. The positive values are power used from the Grid and from solar. The negative values are the self consumption of your Solar power. Where the Solar production is less than Consumption you will draw part of the power from the Grid and the rest from Solar.
It does not appear that you can get your total consumption with these data. You would need to move your CT from its present position to your house circuits which isolate the measurement from the Solar production.


Your ‘energy generated’ chart from the inverter (green line) seems to be ok.

However, your consumption chart (red line) seems to be including your generation. You may need to move the consumption sensor to another wire that is only carrying the house load.


I might be reading this wrong, but wouldn’t tdkmatt’s Fronius Primo more likely be using a Fronius Datamanager rather than clamps?

In which case it might be that the ‘Meter’ option in the inverter’s settings (when logged onto it directly) isn’t set appropriately? There’s a ‘Location of the meter’ setting to choose with a Feed-in point or Consumption path choice. Maybe this doesn’t match the installation?


If OP is getting the consumption data from a Fronius Meter, then you may be right.

I didn’t see anything to indicate @tdkmatt had a Fronius Meter to measure consumption. My Fronius Primo inverter isn’t paired with a Fronius meter, so it can only see generation, not consumption, and the meter setting in the inverter is superfluous.

For consumption, I have to use a separate system and CTs to measure that - and it is the consumption measure that seems to be borked, not the generation measure.